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Sodalite & Blue Agate Mala

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This powerful sodalite and blue agate (8mm round) mala has .925 silver accents on silk.

Meaning and intention:

Sodalite helps attune you to your 6th sense and is a catalyst into awakening. It is said to enhance your intuition and grounds you in rational thought.

Blue agate increases trust, opens the throat chakra, and supports loyalty. It is a great stone to support one overcoming public speaking fears and communication issues.

Silver is strongly associated with the moon and reflection. Also said to channel feminine energies, silver also draw in wisdom, intuitive abilities, and protection.

Silk is said to aid in reducing symptoms of menopause and is energetically said to represent magic, transformation, and wealth.

Delivery available in Edmonton, Alberta or shipping worldwide (additional, calculated at check-out).

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