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Amethyst & Hematite Mala

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This beautiful mala has a simple design of amethyst (6mm rounds) and hematite, set with .925 sterling silver buddha charm on nylon.

Meaning and intention:

Amethyst is an extremely well-rounded stone which soothes, stabilizes, and balance. It is connected to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, and helps you deepen your connection to self and your intuition.

Hematite has a high iron content and is a highly protective stone which cleanses the blood and supports the nervous, circulation, and energy system. It aides in toxic absorption in your physical and auric fields.

Silver is strongly associated with the moon and reflection. Also said to channel feminine energies, silver also draw in wisdom, intuitive abilities, and protection.

Delivery available in Edmonton, Alberta or shipping worldwide (additional, calculated at check-out).

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